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Birth Announcement Wording Suggestions

Wording for Baby Birth Announcements and Baby Thank you Photo Cards


Wording for Birth Announcements and Baby Thank You Photo Cards

Feel free to use any suggestions here by cutting and pasting into the comments section on the order page.

Before you were conceived I wanted you, Before you were born I loved you, Before you were here an hour I would die for you.
This is the miracle of love.
-Maureen Hawkins

Two more little hands, Two more little feet, Now our family is complete!

Little girls/boys are so much fun we thought we'd have another one

A miracle has come to be with this addition to our family tree

Tiny pink nose, ten tiny toes, Our precious one is here, making every moment dear

Thank you for showering us with best wishes and gifts for our very special bundle that arrived.

So cuddly and sweet from head to feet, ______ announce the birth of...

Filled with love and kisses, thanks for the wishes

From small things, big things one day come -Simon Ansfield

Happy, Cuddly, cute as can be, Our baby's arrived...blessed are we!

It's early to bed, earlier to rise, Now we have our special surprise, a girl of a boy we didn’t know, it was a little girl/boy who decided to show

Mummy can't wait to share the joys, daddy can't wait to share the toys...

A loving note can barely say, All we felt that magical day. A heartfelt thanks is sent to you, For your thoughtful gift and wishes, too.

Wording for Birth Announcements and Baby Thank You Photo Cards

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