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Preparing for Your New Baby

Preparing for Your New Baby

Preparing for the Arrival of a New Baby

Nothing can prepare you for the arrival of your first baby. You can read all the books, watch all the videos and attend all the classes but until you actually experience you will never really know.  Every person is different as is every baby so this is my experience of bringing home a new baby for the first time and how I prepared for it.

If you can afford it take a few weeks off before baby comes:

Many mothers work right up until 38-39 weeks.  I stopped working at 33 weeks because I was driving 3 hours each day (round trip) and this was making it an 11 hour work day.  I am really glad I did that as I had plenty of time to get more organised for bub's arrival and spend some quality time with ME!

Finish the Baby's Room:

Make sure you have all the stuff you may need for when your baby first comes home from hospital or after the birth if you have a home birth:

  • Cot, bassinet set-up where the baby is sleeping;
  • Sheets and a couple of spare sets near the sleeping area for middle of the night emergency sheet changing;
  • Baby clothes suitable for the time of year;
  • Muslin and/or flanelette wraps for swaddling;
  • Nappies cloth or disposable; wipes and bottom balm;
  • Towels;
  • Baby oil (don't use a mineral oil - a nice organic olive oil is great for baby's bath and getting rid of cradle cap);
  • Fragrence free organic moisturiser;
  • Wash cloths

This list isn't exhaustive - a general idea.

Stock the House:

Do a big cook up and stock the freezer full of frozen meals so you don't have to cook when bub comes.  Also stock the pantry full of non-perishables; stock up on toilet paper, laundry powder, tissues and other items that you can stock pile so your shopping trips are for fresh produce only to make them quick.

Pack your Hospital Bag:

If you are having a hospital birth pack all you will need for you and bub during your stay.  Some items I couldn't live with out were:

  • Mobile and charger;
  • Purse;
  • Magazine;
  • Muesli bars;
  • Pyjamas;
  • Tracksuits (with loose waist);
  • Loose fitting pants;
  • Breast-feeding tops and bras;
  • Toilettries bag;
  • Maternity and breast pads;
  • Watch with night light (or clock on mobile was great);
  • Camera;
  • Breastfeeding herbs & tea;
  • Eye mask;

Everyone has different items that they would like with them and different hospitals provide different things for bubs.

Install Car Seat:

It is a good idea to get your car seat professinally installed well before bubs is due.  Lachie came 4 weeks early and it was just good luck that I had the car seats installed days earlier.

Organise birth announcements and baby thank you cards:

For my first baby I ended up hand making cards with photos cut and stuck inside and it took forever, which is time I didn't want to be wasting when I had a new baby and was sleep deprived.  For my second and third baby I got photo birth announcements.  They were easy to make and quick and affordable.  All I had to do was address the envelope and post.

Pamper yourself:

If you can afford it get a foot massage and facial or see some movies.  Spend time just wondering around the shops or have breakfast on a Saturday morning with your husband.  Spend quality time with your self and your partner before bubs arrives.

This list isn't exhaustive but may give you some suggestions for those last few weeks before bubby arrives.  Congratulations on your new arrival and look forward to hearing from you.

Preparing for Your New Baby

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