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Photography tips for great photo cards

Top tips for better photos for your photo cards, invitations and announcements

Here are some top tips for taking great photos of your child from Brisbane photographer, Matthew Murray.

1) Background
Make sure you pay attention to what's in the background of the frame when composing your photograph. Poles or other objects sprouting out of people's heads never look good!
Also check for other distractions such as people or everyday objects that can ruin an otherwise great photo of your child.
Don't be afraid to move things out of the background (where possible) or take the shot from a slightly different angle to get a better composition.
Photographing your child against a plain background is always a good bet, keep it simple!

2) Light
Light is very important in photography - move your child to where the light is softest and most flattering. Light from windows and doorways is usually best, but anywhere undercover is fine. Harsh overhead sunlight is almost always a bad thing for a nice shot of your child's face but is okay for action shots of them running about.

3) Emotion
It can be hard to force a smile out of your child when you have a camera in your hand. Instead, get them laughing and then take your shot! A photo of your child with a more serious expression or even frowning can be equally beautiful and dramatic so try that too.

4) Shoot details
Detail shots of babies and young children look great - try everything from their hands and feet, to their shoes, favourite toys, cot, mobile or anything else that looks cute!

5) Get to know your camera.
Read your camera manual, play around with it and try different settings.
Try the portrait mode on your camera - this will blur the background bringing the emphasis onto your subject.

You don't need an expensive camera to get great shots, but many compact cameras do have one disadvantage - shutter lag! You have your shot lined up, your child has a great expression on their face, you press the shutter and - it fires about a second later and you get a photo of them blinking or looking away!

If you're looking to upgrade your camera, do your research, read reviews and ask to try out different models at camera stores.

and finally...

If you would prefer to relax and let somebody else take the photos, hire a photographer (like me!) that provides you with digitally processed, ready to print images on CD. You will be able to print your photos, share them with family and friends by email, and use them for your beautiful photo cards too!

Matthew Murray
Murray Photography


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