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Baby Shower Ideas (part - one)

Baby Shower Ideas (part - one)

Are you having a baby shower soon or hosting a baby shower for a friend or family member.  Here are some ideas for a great baby shower.

1. Order baby shower photo card invitations.  Include the name of the mother, when and where the party will be held and possibly the host details.  And of course don't forget RSVP details.  Other details that can be added to the baby shower photo card invitation includes the due date and gender of the baby, details of a gift registry, any items that may need to be brought for party games, details about whether the party will cater for children, cost per head if held at a restaurant or cafe. Photo cards can also be personalised by adding the guests name to the photo card invitation.

2. Don't send out the photo card invitations too early and make sure the RSVP isn't too far after the invitations have been received, but not too long before the party either.

3. Decide on a venue.  If you are hosting the party you need to decide whether to have the venue at your place, in a public area such as a park or at a catered site such as restaurant or cafe.  When deciding on location you need to consider how much effort is required by the host, conditions such as weather that may adversely affect the location, cost for either the host or guests, facilities required and on offer at each venue option and what you will be permitted to do (if you have party games or not)

4. Select food for the party, this is applicable regardless of the location as you may need to organise food or a set menu before the party at catered sites or check to make sure that the menu has some pregnancy friendly options.  Remember the mother is pregnant so you will need to steer clear of under cooked egg, deli meats and salads, some seafood, pates and soft cheeses.  If the mother is okay with it you can offer the guests a small glass of champagne or alcoholic punch, but don't forget to provide non-acoholic beverages for the mother to be and any other pregnant and breast-feeding mummas there.

Some party food suggestions include:

  • Small sandwiches with tinned salmon or tuna mixed with mayonaise (commercial bought) and finely sliced shallots;
  • Small sandwiches with roast chicken with mayonaise mint and finely sliced celery;
  • Small sandwiches with roast beef, mustard and rocket leaves;
  • Mini-quiches either home-made or store bough, but make sure they are cooked well;
  • sushi rolls, but not near pregnant ladies (especially the ones with raw fish in them);
  • Gourmet party pies;
  • Spring rolls or rice paper rolls (but make sure they are freshly made to avoid any contaminants and skip the prawn ones) with dipping sauce;
  • Mini filo triangles, but the ones with feta in them need to be well cooked;
  • Selection of dips with crackers, pita chips and crudites;
  • Meat balls with dipping sauce (don't forget to provide napkins);
  • Drumsticks or cutlets;
  • Home made mini pizzas;
  • Mini muffins,
  • Cookies,
  • Fruit platter or skewers;

Tea and coffee are great drinks along with fruit punch (non-alcoholic)- throw some mint leaves and peices of fruit in to make it look more extravagant, juice, non-alcoholic mocktails blended up - either creamy and/or fruity and of course plenty of water with a mint leaf and slice of lemon in a pitcher.

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